Internationally Licensed Counsellor Registered with Health Practices Council of the Cayman Islands
Insurance reimbursement available from most insurance providers

Individual counselling by expert of Cayman Counselling Services Terry Delaney

Terry Delaney interview on Day Break show, where he has been a regular for over 8 years

Professional Counselling Services

Terry Delaney is committed to helping individuals, couples, and groups develop coping skills in order to address emotional, interpersonal, and corporate concerns. He provides a wide range of services such as conflict management, couples counselling, anger reduction and much more.

Terry listens carefully to the concerns of the clients and then engages in a variety of counselling methods. He works diligently to create an environment that is totally confidential, inclusive, and welcoming to all who are seeking a licensed counsellor.

At any point in our lives, we can experience difficulties or feelings that are confusing and hard to cope with. Contact Terry now to help relieve that feeling of being overwhelmed.

Our Services Include The Following:

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Confidential Counselling:

Internationally Licensed Counsellor Registered With the Health Practices Council of the Cayman Islands. Both Brief Therapy and Skype sessions are available for clients who travel often.

Counselling service by Cayman Counselling Services Terry Delaney

Individual Services:

Anxiety, Depression, Grief, Stress and Anger Management, Substance Abuse, Addiction, DUI (Court Accepted), Alcohol Abuse and Alcohol Addiction

Couple counselling

Couples Services:

Communication, Trust Issues, Conflict Management, Anger Reduction

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Corporate Consulting:

Systems Assessment, Training, Development

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